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A relaxing activity a day

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A relaxing activity a day
by Monica Lederman - Thursday, 24 March 2016, 11:12 AM

Plan to take part in a pleasant or relaxing activity each day. This does not have to be something big or expensive as long as it is something you enjoy and something to look forward to.

Here are some suggestions. Identify the ones you already do and make a list of others you could try.

Write in a journal

Create affirmations and positive thoughts

Hug a friend or family member

Watch a movie

Play a game

Do a puzzle

Read a book

Listen to music

Take a nap

Walk in the park

Do a yoga class

Go for a swim

Spend time near a river, lake or beach

Smell flowers

Look at the stars

Tell a joke

Write a poem

Join a group

Eat a piece of fruit

Cook your favourite meal

***What activities are you going to do?***