StudentWeb Speed Issues

StudentWeb Speed Issues

by Gregor Mcnish -
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Hi everyone,

The Student Web issues continue to be front of mind for BeLS and ITS this past week. There have been some speed issues reported, however there have not been any IT network outages reported to further compound the speed issue.

The additional server resources allocated to the server this week have alleviated some pressure on the Student Web -Moodle services.


Actions this week:-

  • BeLS engaged an external expert to review  the server and Windows platform configuration and we have started implementing the recommendations around caching.
  • Bels has begun process of setting up the services on the new servers, to provide the new production environment ready for moodle consultant next week.
  • ITS conducted extensive tests on the Server and associated data base
  • ITS have set up a completely new and separate server with major increases in processor power, memory and disk space.


Where to next

  • The new server will have Moodle installed and will be tested by BeLS and ITS allowing a diagnosis of the issue to be narrowed down
  • BeLS has engaged an external Moodle expert who will investigate any issue and provide feedback and recommendations – to speed this up the expert will work via remote access to our systems and will start work later this week.


In the meantime, as we have already indicated, BeLS and ITS are monitoring Moodle closely and will continue to do their utmost to keep the service running as efficiently as possible.