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Student Web Progress Update

Student Web Progress Update

by Pauline Farrell -
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We have had some excellent progress over the past four weeks and would like to thank for your patience. A big thankyou to ITS for the new server we are currently working on which will be deployed in the next few weeks and this should make an even bigger difference.

 A couple of points for you to consider

  • A Learning Management System is never going to be as fast as a static website. It is a large system with over 5,000 unique users a day.
  • These 5,000+ users a day use the system in a variety of quite complex ways i.e quizzes, reports, forums which use resources
  •  49% of BHI courses have resources in Moodle and this is growing daily
  • The average speed load per page has improved by 90% in the past four weeks
  •  The average page load is 4:24 seconds however loading your front profile does take around 9 seconds as it is customised to you.
  • 55,191 unique viewers have visited the site in the last two months
  • They stay on average for 9:27 minutes and view on average 8:54 pages

 Stay tuned for further improvements in the coming weeks