Who can borrow and for how long

All Box Hill Institute and CAE staff and students are eligible to borrow items from the library collection at any campus. This provides access to resources including books, journals/magazines, DVDs, CDs, kits , musical scores and toys.

Watch this video to see how to use the library's self check machines:

E-books and online resources can also be accessed with your student or staff ID and password. Unfortunately, not all online resources are available to CAE staff and students - the CAE library catalogue covers both the physical and electronic items  available to CAE staff and students.

Who can borrow ?

You need to provide your Library Card to borrow or use the self-service facilities. This is:

Box Hill Institute

  • Your Student ID card if you are a student
  • Your Staff ID card if you are a staff  member


  • Your Student ID card if you are a student
  • CAE staff need to register manually to become borrowers. This can be done in person at any branch of the library. Please bring photo identification on the initial visit. You will then be given a library card to use when borrowing.

Other borrowers

  • Your CAVAL card and home  Library ID card if you are a CAVAL member
  • Your Alumni card if you are an Institute Alumni member
  • The card you were given upon joining if you are a Public member.

If you are a short course student who does not receive an ID card, you can borrow by providing us with proof of enrolment and identification.

For information and fees on Public membership, click here.

If you have lost your Library card, or changed any of your contact details, please notify Library Staff.

How many items can I borrow?

Students:                        10 items 

Degree Students :           15 items

Staff members :               20 items

Alumni members :           10 items

CAVAL members :           4 items

Public members :             4 items

How long can I borrow for?


As a student, you can generally borrow resources for the following periods:

1 week

  • Kits

2 weeks

  • Books
  • CDs
  • DVDs
  • Periodicals
  • Sheet music
  • Toys


Different rules may apply to high demand or valuable items. Stickers on resources will usually indicate different loan periods (e.g. one day loan, three day loan) but always check your borrowing receipt to avoid overdue items.

Teacher reference items can only be borrowed by staff members.

Reserve items can only be used within the library

Different loan periods apply for Staff members. Check with Library Staff for details.

Can I keep items for longer?

You may renew items as many times as you like, provided they have not been requested by another borrower, your outstanding library charges are less than $20.00, and you have no items three or more weeks overdue.

Last modified: Wednesday, 18 March 2020, 2:44 PM