Public memberships

Public and past staff members

Annual membership fees

Membership Type 12 Month Membership 6 Month Membership
Individual $75 including GST $37.50 including GST
Health Care Card $48 including GST  $24 including GST
Alumni $60 including GST $30 including GST
Corporate $385 including GST $192.50 including GST

To qualify for the alumni membership price, you need to have successfully completed a course at the Institute. Just ask at the library when you are purchasing your membership.


  • Borrowing: up to 4 items at a time, including books, videos, DVDs, periodicals and CDs
  • Assistance from Library staff
  • Alumni members may borrow up to 10 items.

As a public borrower you may borrow up to 4 items at a time:

1 week
  • videos
  • DVDs
  • CDs
2 weeks
  • books
  • periodicals

Conditions of membership

As a public/Alumni borrower you must:

  • present your card for all transactions
  • comply with Library policies
  • treat Library users and staff with respect and consideration
  • take care of Library resources
  • return borrowed resources on time - overdue resources may result in loss of privileges
  • comply with copyright legislation.


  • The Library‚Äôs first priority is to provide resources and services to Box Hill Institute staff and students.
  • High-demand services may not always be available to public borrowers when required.
  • Computer usage, Online databases and other electronic resources are not available to public/Alumni members for licensing and conditions of use reasons.
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