You may continue to renew your loans unless:

  • A hold (reservation) has been placed on the item by another borrower
  • You have items three or more weeks overdue

In these cases, please return the item to the Library, or contact Library staff for more information

You may renew online, by phone, or in person.

The easiest way is to visit and follow the prompts.

Watch the clip below to see how to do it.

(*See amendment re Library Charges below)

Detailed Catalogue Instructions

To renew resources through the catalogue:

Click on the Renew tab at the top of the Discovery catalogue screen, or if using the link above, click on “Renew my loans” in the centre of the screen.

  1. Enter your student number in the student no. box. Do not enter 'bhi' or 's' in front of this. (If your ID starts with an X, use the seven digits after the X, e.g. if your ID is X0507594009, use 0507594.)
  2. In the PIN field, type in your four-number PIN. This is usually the last four numbers of your student number but can be set to any four digit number of your choice.
  3. Hit enter, or click on 'List my loans'.
  4. Tick the resources you wish to renew.
  5. Click on ‘Renew Selected Items’.
  6. If the renewal is successful, note the new due date.
  7. Please note: You cannot renew items if a hold has been placed on them or if your loans are three or more weeks overdue.
* Amendment Aug 2021 References to library overdue charges are no longer relevant.
Last modified: Monday, 6 March 2023, 2:15 PM