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Counselling is a safe space to talk about any concerns (thoughts, feelings, experiences, behaviours) openly and without judgement with a professional who will assist you to sort through them and make positive changes. If you are having any difficulties in adjusting to life as a student, managing the demands of studying or coping with life's challenges, perhaps it's time to ask for assistance.

Counselling for students at Box Hill Institute is free and confidential. For more information, or to make an appointment to see a counsellor contact Student Life. All of our counsellors are either registered psychologists or social workers.

For urgent assistance see After hours crisis assistance.

How to contact Counselling

The Counsellors operate by appointments, so please call or email Student Life Reception to book an appointment with a counsellor.

Phone: (03) 9286 9891 (Student Life Reception)


Please refer to the FAQs for further information, and don’t hesitate to contact us if you have any questions.


Our e-counselling platform allows students to connect with a counsellor online.

E-counselling can be a useful way to:

  • get comfortable speaking with a counsellor, before connecting face-to-face or on the phone
  • check in with a counsellor to see how they may be able to help you, before committing to a session
  • seek support or resources for short-term concerns

E-counselling is a private and confidential service. Log in with your network username and password here: Access E-Counselling.

More Counselling Information

Counselling FAQs Mental Health Information

Meet the team

Monica Lederman

Senior Counsellor | Psychologist

  • Box Hill Campus
More about Monica

Jaimi Corsaletti

Student Counsellor | Psychologist

  • CAE City Campus
More about Jaimi

Reiko Hipple

Student Counsellor | Psychologist

  • Box Hill Campus
More about Reiko


Monica is a registered psychologist and Senior Counsellor in Student Life. She has ten years of experience in the tertiary education sector and is passionate about providing counselling support to students. She applies her professional expertise and empathy to empower students towards success in their vocational and psychosocial goals including those most at risk of disengagement. In leading the counselling team, Monica is focused on proactively enhancing the student experience and contributing to a positive learning community.


Jaimi is a registered psychologist and Student Counsellor in Student Life. She has worked for a number of years in employment services with students and adults seeking new work opportunities, as well as in private practice assisting individuals to improve their psychological health and wellbeing. Jaimi has experience providing support for a range of concerns including low motivation and study skill building, through to managing mental health issues. She is passionate about helping students to achieve their personal, health and vocational goals.


Reiko is a registered psychologist and Student Counsellor in Student Life. Reiko has experience working with young adults and adults recovering from mental health concerns or issues that impact their ability to participate in life activities, such as work, study, or socialising.  She is passionate about empowering individuals to make changes in their lives to reach their vocational goals, and ultimately elevate their quality of life. 

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