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Accessibility Liaison Service (ALS)

We are committed to providing a welcoming and inclusive learning experience that supports the participation and success of students living with disability or a health condition. 

The Disability Transition Support Officer (DTSO) can provide one-to-one specialised and intensive support for students with diagnosed disabilities and/or health conditions transitioning from secondary school to Box Hill Institute.

How to contact Accessibility Liaison

You are welcome to contact our friendly and caring Accessibility Liaison team for more information or to make an appointment.

We welcome feedback from students to help us improve our services. Feel free to email als@boxhill.edu.au with your comments or suggestions.

Follow these steps to register with Accessibility Liaison

Once enrolled please follow the four steps below to register with us.

  1. Organise your supporting documentation.
  2. Then contact us to book an appointment.
  3. Attend the appointment at the agreed time and bring your supporting documentation.
  4. Complete your Student Access Plan with a Accessibility                    Liaison staff member.

You can complete a Student Life Intake Form before your first contact with us here

If you are a currently enrolled student, please select "Log on using Office 365" and use your Box Hill Institute email address to log in. If you are a student who is yet to complete enrolment, please use your 8-digit Applicant ID to login.

More Accessibility Information

Accessibility FAQs

Meet the team


Sam Edward

Manager - Student Accessibility Support Services

  • Elgar Campus
More about Sam

Vivienne Bennett

Student Accessibility Support Co-ordinator

  • City Campus
More about Vivienne

Gurcharan (Gucci) Kaur

Student Accessibility Liaison Officer

  • Elgar and Lilydale Campus
More about Gucci

Lisa Tatangelo

Student Accessibility Liaison Officer

  • Nelson Campus
More about Lisa

Gucci Kaur

Gucci has a commitment to human rights and inclusiveness. She has substantial experience in roles supporting students with complex needs in the tertiary education sector.  She is motivated in her current role by the potential for education to empower students with knowledge, skills and self-confidence.


Vivienne has a commitment to equal opportunity and valuing diversity. She has extensive experience working in equity roles in the adult, community and tertiary education sectors. She is motivated in her current role by the opportunity to support students as they explore interests, discover passions and gain an enhanced sense of meaning and purpose in their own lives through learning.

Vivienne Bennett

Lisa has a commitment to inclusiveness and equal access. She is also an Auslan Interpreter with many years of experience working in the education sector. Lisa is motivated in her current role by a genuine desire to see all students achieve their best possible outcomes through the provision of guidance, advice and appropriate support based on each student’s individual needs.

Sam has a passion for disability advocacy and inclusion. He has great experience in NDIS roles, previously working as a Support Coordinator and Local Area Coordinator. He is motivated by his goals to advance the disability sector holistically and improve the educational experience for students.

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