Library Accessibility Information

Library accessibility for students with disability

Libraries are a safe space on campus. Staff are approachable and will take the time to assist students who need help navigating or locating what they need, using computers or submitting assignments.

We have the following:

  • Visible and audible fire alarm
  • Staff trained to assist patrons in case of emergency
  • Staff capable of instructing customers in the use of computers, at the moment or can make appointment
  • An increasing number of eBooks. Students with visual impairment can often resize texts or have them read aloud.
  • Video/DVD books with subtitles
  • Easy to read books such as children’s books and English as an Additional Language (EAL) readers
  • Disability access assistance by contacting the library
  • Read&Write program on our library computers so users can listen to documents being read aloud, and with screen masking and translator. See Read&Write Feature Tour.
  • Most videos with closed captions
  • ClickView videos with closed captions in multiple languages, plus transcripts.
Example of assistance by the library

Student Life disability staff identified a student with organisation needs in 2020. They approached the library and asked if we could have an additional copy of all the student’s texts placed in the library for their sole use. Student Life was to provide the texts and we would lend them to the student as needed. The library agreed despite it not being standard practice.

Accessibility by branch

  • Big branch with more staff available to help
  • Co-located with Student Life Disability Liaison Service
  • Has special tiles in flooring that would help sight impaired students find Student Life from within the library
  • Tight shelving in Book Room possibly impeding students using wheelchairs or other mobility aids
  • Lift is directly outside the library
  • Automatic doors
  • Disabled toilet directly outside library
  • Carpets and lights in good condition
  • Well spread out allowing students to move easily if using mobility aids
  • Tables with adjustable height suitable for wheelchairs
  • Small library
  • Tight shelving possibly impeding mobility impaired students
  • Staff easily accessible
  • Small library
  • Staff easily accessible
All branches
  • Some resources above shoulder height
  • Many PCs available with Read&Write software


Library staff refer students (with their permission) who make enquiries about:

  • difficulty in participating and knowing what support they need to Student Life
  • language difficulty to LLN support

Other services refer students to the library if they need assistance with referencing or locating information.

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