Students can access materials from a wide variety of libraries around Australia through arrangements with Universities, other TAFE institutes, and public libraries.

For information about:

  • Getting items sent here from other libraries, see Interlibrary loans.
  • Borrowing in person at other Victorian academic libraries, see CAVAL.
  • Borrowing in person at a public library, see Public libraries.

Interlibrary loans and document delivery

You can borrow from another academic, public or private library - just ask at the Library customer service desk. Items will be sent to Box Hill Institute and lent to you. We can also organise delivery of an article from a magazine or journal, or a chapter from a book.

  • Limited standard cost interlibrary loans are free for degree or postgraduate students. Two standard, paid interlibrary loans per student per semester are available, plus unlimited free requests. Free requests include items that can be sourced from other Victorian TAFE Institutes. We reserve the right to change these limits, when budget constraints apply. To make a request, complete the Interlibrary Loan Form for Degree Students.
  • VET students are charged on a cost recovery basis. Costs are generally $32.40 for interlibrary loans (e.g borrowing a physical item such as a book) and $21.10 for document requests (e.g. an article from a journal or a chapter of a book). To make a request, complete the Interlibrary Loan Form for Non Degree Students.
  • Staff interlibrary loan forms are available on OurSpace.
  • You will be charged for lost, damaged or overdue items.
  • Requests can only be made for items that are not held in the Box Hill Institute collection, even if these are on loan.

Who is eligible?

  • All current students and staff.

How long does it take?

  • A standard request usually takes one to two weeks to arrive, although articles may be received much faster than this.

What is the loan period?

  • Usually 4 weeks, but can vary according to the lending library's loan policy.


  • You may also qualify to use the CAVAL reciprocal borrowing scheme offered by Victorian TAFE and University libraries.
  • To be eligible, you must be enrolled in a tertiary level course that runs for at least one year.
  • Secondary students undertaking VET courses are not eligible to borrow via CAVAL.
  • To borrow, visit a participating library in person, and ask staff for a CAVAL card. You may be asked to produce your student card, or to sign onto StudentWeb to prove you are a current student.
  • You must borrow and return items in person to the participating library.
  • You must abide by the borrowing regulations of the participating library.
  • More information about the CAVAL reciprocal borrowing scheme can be obtained from Library staff or from visiting the CAVAL website.

Public libraries

All Victorian residents are able join, and borrow from Victorian public libraries. Search for a public library via Public Libraries Victoria.

To search the catalogue at the State Library of Victoria, visit State Library of Victoria. Note that you can also sign up online to access many of the State Library of Victoria online databases.

Local public libraries include:

Around Australia

Search for holdings of resources at a wide range of Australian Libraries via the National Library of Australia's Trove.

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