Box Hill Institute is readily accessible by public transport with trams, trains and buses within walking distance of all our Box Hill campuses.

  • Yarra trams stop outside our Elgar and Nelson campuses and it’s only a short walk from the final tram stop to our Whitehorse campus.  View the tram timetable on the Yarra Trams website.
  • Buses enter Box Hill from various surrounding areas. Check the Public Transport Victoria website to see if a bus near you travels to Box Hill.
  • Trains depart on a regular basis from Box Hill. The Box Hill station is located at Station Street and Bank Street and is underneath the Box Hill Shopping Centre.
For more extensive transport information and to view timetables visit the Public Transport Victoria website.

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The Melbourne Public Transport System

There is an extensive network of trains, trams and buses in Melbourne.  Public Transport Victoria (PTV) is a statutory authority that manages Victoria’s train, tram and bus service.

To travel you will need to purchase a myki card. myki is a smart card ticketing system that automatically charges you the lowest fare for your trip when you touch on and touch off the myki machines located in train stations and on trams and buses. Money can be added to your card in several ways – machines located at train stations, online, by telephone and in some retail outlets. For more information on this system please check the myki website.

You must purchase a full fare myki card as concessions are not available to international students using the public transport system. You must have a valid myki card with money on it to travel on the bus, tram or train; otherwise you may be fined.  You need to touch your card on to the myki machines before and after you travel.

The transport system operates from 5.00 am to 12 midnight, Monday to Saturday, and from 8.00 am to 11 pm on Sundays.

The NightRider bus service operates from 1.30am to 4.30am on Saturdays and 1.30am to 5.30am on Sundays. One of these bus services travels between Croydon and the city centre (going though Box Hill). You can obtain a free timetable from any station.

Please note: If you have to use the train at night avoid empty carriages; preferably sit in the first carriage behind the driver’s compartment.

For up-to-date public transport information, view the information on PTV website or visit PTV Hub at Southern Cross Station or call 1800 800 007 (6am – midnight daily).


Download the PTV app:

Visiting regional Victoria

V/line are services that run out to regional Victoria. You can use your myki, but the fares incurred are different. V/Line services are listed in the PTV app, so if you're trying to plan a journey that's where to look. V/Line also has its own website.

International Students

The iUSEpass initiative allows international students enrolled in a full-time undergraduate course (Bachelor Degree or Associate Degree) or a higher VET course (Advanced Diploma or Diploma) to purchase a half-price annual myki ticket for the zone/s in which they study.

For more information, please have a look at or come to the International office for assistance.

It’s easy to apply!

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