Language, Literacy and Numeracy Support (LLN)

The Language, Literacy and Numeracy Support (LLN Support) program is designed to assist students, who have gaps in their prior learning, with foundation skills to complete their coursework.

The program focuses on vocational reading, writing, numeracy (maths) and communication (speaking, presenting and listening) skills. The LLN Support program is flexible, and provides support in classrooms alongside vocational teachers as well as small group tutorials.

Students are contacted by a teacher from the LN Support department, based on their Core Skills Diagnostic Test profile and maintain this contact throughout the year.

LLN Support Teachers can also be contacted by email.

To find who the LLN Support teacher is in your faculty and campus, please see the guide and contact details below:



LN Support Teacher



All faculties

Helen Steer


All faculties

Michael Gibbs


All faculties

Suzanne Martin  


Faculty of Trades, Technology and Transport and Faculty of Business, IT and Applied Arts

Anju Arora


Faculty of Health, Community and Life Sciences

Pam Mahlis


Faculty of Health, Community and Life Sciences (Community Services)

Suzanne Martin  

All campuses

International and Higher Education Students

Farzad Maghami


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