Campus maps and parking

Box Hill Campus

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A valid daily paid ticket must be displayed on the dashboard of the vehicles along with the Student Permit. Failure to have both displayed will incur an Infringement Notice being issued.

The Student Permits cost $5.00 Full Year & Half Year.

Daily tickets are available from the ticket machines located in each carpark, most machines are paypass/credit card only.

Disabled parking spaces within Institute car parking areas must also display student parking permit as well appropriate disabled parking permit.

Instructions: Select each heading for information about parking at the Box Hill campus.

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Elgar Parking

Parking in and around the Elgar campus is limited however Box Hill is well serviced by public transport including trams, trains and buses. Elgar Campus is approximately 10 minutes walk from Box Hill Station.

Parking at Elgar Campus is restricted to permit holders only except for the 450 Elgar Rd Car park.

Parking options are:

  • Parking is available at gate E6 (access via Kingsley Crescent). Tickets can be purchase at the ticket machines for $3.50. 
  • Short-term parking (15 minutes) is available at Boomgate E1
  • There are 110 parking spaces available under Building E8. Access is from Elgar Rd (left turn entry and exit only). 
  • Car Park corner Elgar Road & Arnold Street 120 spaces, entry via Poplar Street.
  • Two-hour parking is available along Victoria Crescent, Kingsley Crescent and Whitehorse Road as indicated (subject to change without notice)
  • 66 spaces are available at 450 Elgar Road (corner of Whitehorse Road – left turn entry and exit only). Tickets can be purchased at the ticket machine for $2.50 per hour for up to 4 hours or a maximum of $9 per day. (Credit Card only). This is the only car park that does not require a permit
  • Ace Parking is available on the corner of Elgar and Whitehorse Road. Standard rates apply.

When parking on campus you must purchase a ticket from the machine for $3.50, there are cash machines and credit card machines available, alternatively you can pay via the PayStay app. Watch this video below to learn how to pay via this method.


Nelson Campus

Nelson campus parking is available for students and visitors. Tickets can be purchased for $3.50 at the ticket machine for permit holders only (Credit Card / Paypass Only). Disabled parking is also available.

Paid parking is also available at Ace Parking, 990 Whitehorse Road Box Hill (under the Tax Office building). Standard rates apply.

Fountains Restaurant

Fountains Restaurant car park is accessed via gate E7 on Victoria Crescent and is for restaurant patrons only. When making a reservation please ask for allocated car parking. You can reach the restaurant on 9286 9278.

CAE City Campus

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Car parking is available at nearby Wilson, Secure Parking and Melbourne City Council car parks. Standard rates apply.


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Limited onsite car parking is available. Additional parking is available at nearby shopping centres. No parking costs apply at the Lilydale Lakeside Campus.

Finding Rooms

Finding your room is pretty easy once you know how to read the signs. The letter on a room sign represents the name of the campus you are on. The number next to the letter represents the building number. The room number is given after the dot. The first number of the room number denotes the floor of the building. The other numbers are the actual room.


For example, E2.G52 is room 52, the ground floor, building 2 on Elgar campus.

More information

Instructions: Select each heading for more information.

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Parking Infringements

Paying for your parking infringement

An infringement penalty must be paid by the due date. Failure to pay may result in further enforcement action being taken, thereby incurring further costs.

Details regarding how to pay your parking infringement notice are listed on the back of the PIN. Payment of a parking infringement cannot be made at the Facilities Office.

Appealing parking infringement notices

If you intend to appeal the parking infringement please follow the directions on the rear of the infringement notice and address all correspondence to:

Box Hill Institute
GPO Box 425
Vic 3001                        

You should also attach a copy of all evidence such as valid parking permit, ticket, and infringement notice for the date in dispute.

Reversal request will not be considered if it is submitted after the due date and overdue fees may be added to the infringement costs.

When the review process has been finalised you will be advised of the outcome.

If your appeal is unsuccessful, the only remaining options are to pay the infringement or to elect to take the matter to court.

Withdrawal of parking infringement notices

Reversal of parking infringement notice is rarely granted. Unique and unusual circumstances will need to be shown for an infringement to be reversed.

Disabled parking

Disabled car parks are located at every campus and are available for use by those displaying the appropriate disabled parking permit.


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