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Student Wellbeing Officers (SWOs)

The Student Wellbeing Officers offer a broad range of support services for students. We typically work with students to help them to resolve study or course-related issues, as well as personal difficulties which impact on their capacity to study effectively.

We come from a diverse range of professional backgrounds including youth work, counselling, education and mental health and are committed to enhancing all aspects of student wellbeing. Through the provision of individualised support, our role is to help you to overcome any obstacles you may be facing and to support you to accomplish your personal and educational goals.

If you are unsure as to which Student Life service you require, or are simply feeling overwhelmed, the Student Wellbeing Officers are a great first point of contact. We can work collaboratively with you to help you to resolve whatever issue you are facing, or refer you to more specialised help.

How to contact Student Wellbeing

The Student Wellbeing Officers operate a drop-in service so that you can access support at the time of need. 

You can also contact Student Life Reception to arrange to speak with a SWO via phone or email or book online.

Phone: 03 9286 9891 


Alternatively, you can book online here. Upon booking, you will receive an email confirmation. 

You can complete a Student Life Intake Form before your first contact with us here. If you are a currently enrolled student, please select "Log on using Office 365" and use your Box Hill Institute email address to log in. If you are a student who is yet to complete enrolment, please use your 8 digit Applicant ID to login.

Please refer to the FAQs for further information about SWO support  and contact us if you have any questions.

More Student Wellbeing Information

Student Wellbeing FAQs More Information

Meet the team


Johanna Dutton

Team Leader | Student Wellbeing Officer

  • Elgar Campus 
More about Johanna

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  • Nelson Campus 

Orit Pynt

Student Wellbeing Officer

  • Elgar Campus 
More about Orit

Amily Davis

International Student Wellbeing Officer

  • Elgar Campus
More about Amily

Brad Cooper

Student Wellbeing Officer

  • Lilydale Campus 
More about Brad

Bella Muxworthy

Student Wellbeing Officer

  • City Campus
More about Bella

Caitlin Sadler

Student Wellbeing Officer

  • Elgar  Campus 
More about Caitlin

Kate Walton

Student Wellbeing Officer

  • Nelson Campus 
More about Kate

Johanna Dutton

Johanna is the Student Wellbeing Officers’ Team Leader and is primarily based at Elgar campus. With her warm and empathetic approach, Johanna takes a whole-person approach to wellbeing. She is passionate about supporting students to overcome obstacles and create positive change in all aspects of their lives as they work towards their personal, educational and vocational goals.

Kerry O’Leary

Kerry has a broad range of experience in supporting students.  She likes to see her role as contributing to the overall wellbeing of students and not limited to their academic success. She is very interested in the role of resilience in development, mental health and success. Her specialty is working through problems, developing a range options that are person-focused, and offering access to resources that can support the person to move forward.  She loves being a Wellbeing Officer because the role is so diverse, and the challenges of helping students means that the working day is never boring.

Orit Pynt

Orit is a Student Wellbeing Officer who is primarily based at Elgar campus. She is passionate about helping students to fulfil their personal, academic and vocational goals and enjoys working collaboratively with students to achieve this. Orit has a warm, friendly and genuine approach which helps students feel safe and at ease, as well as a sense of humour when needed.

Nikki Singh

Nikki is the International Student Wellbeing Officer and primarily based at Elgar campus. She is passionate about supporting international students to thrive in their new environment. Nikki brings to the role her warm and caring approach along with specialist knowledge of the common issues faced by international students.

Brad Cooper

Brad is a Student Wellbeing Officer primarily based at Lilydale Lakeside Campus. With a ‘no problem too big or small’ attitude, Brad specialises in developing practical ‘everyday’ strategies to assist students with a range of mental health, study, motivation and self-care issues. He works collaboratively with both students and staff to develop personalised plans, tailored to meet the individual needs of each student and to support them in achieving their own personal and professional goals.

Matt Dale

Matt is a Student Wellbeing Officer who is based full-time at the CAE campus. He is passionate about early intervention/prevention and the importance of early help-seeking for any wellbeing-related concerns. Matt’s gentle, caring and understanding nature shines through while supporting students to navigate personal and academic challenges. Using a variety of resources, strategies and practical tips, Matt empowers students to come up with solutions to both their personal and academic concerns. Matt is keen to see each and every student reach their full potential and strives to ensure that their experience at Box Hill Institute will be a positive one.

Caitlin Sadler

Caitlin is a Student Wellbeing Officer based at Nelson and Elgar Campuses.  She is very interested in empowering students with a caring yet direct approach.  Her speciality is problem solving and providing access to resources where she can help the student to help themselves.  Caitlin loves being a Wellbeing Officer as she gets to work with people and every day is different. 

Bella Muxworthy

Bella is the Student Wellbeing Officer based at the CAE city campus. With her wide range of experiences across different sectors, Bella is passionate about helping students achieve a healthy balance with their mental and emotional wellbeing. Her style includes straight-talking and honesty to get to the heart of any issue and unlock the way forward to help students thrive. With her positive outlook and person-centred approach combined with compassion and understanding, Bella will always greet you with a smile and support you in any possible way she can.


Kate is a Student Wellbeing Officer based at Nelson and Elgar Campuses. Kate welcomes students with a warm smile and provides them with a sense of ease and comfortability. She is interested in working with students to build self-awareness and emotional intelligence, empowering them to take control of their lives and trust themselves. She is direct and honest, yet sensitive and empathetic in her approach. Kate is passionate about supporting students to achieve their personal and educational goals by providing them with a range of support options that best suit their needs.


Amily is the International Student Wellbeing Officer. She is passionate about supporting international students to accomplish their personal and educational goals throughout their journey at BHI. Moving from overseas to Australia herself and having worked with international students over many years, Amily has developed a full insight into the unique challenges that international student often face. She brings to the role her culturally sensitive, student-centred and solution-focused approach along with a compassionate and caring personality.

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