StudentWeb was updated on Jan 16, 2023. Functionality is not changed, but buttons and links have moved around. 

Changes for 2023

Watch the video below or scroll down to read about the changes.

Login Screen 2022

Highlighted are buttons which have moved

2022 StudentWeb Home Page, with quick access buttons highlighted

Changes for 2023

  • Wi-Fi help has moved to the new StudentHub top menu, others to the bottom of the screen
  • News is available by scrolling down
  • There's a ? option on every page 

2023 StudentWeb Home Page, highlighting new StudentHub menu, and movement of buttons, and other options described in the text

After login

2022 Dashboard

2022 Login "Dashboard" page

Changes for 2023

  • The old Dashboard with courses and customisable "blocks" has been broken into 2 pages: My Courses and Dashboard. There are links to each in the top menu bar. 
  • New dark mode can be toggled by clicking on the small icon of the crescent moon or sun to the right of the top menu bar.
  • Left hand sidebar is gone; The "My Stuff" options have moved under the StudentHub menu at the top of the screen
  • Right hand sidebar is now collapsed by default, click on the arrows to open it

My Courses -- shows your list of units

  • The right hand side column is collapsed by default; Studiosity and Global Resources are available there

2023 My Courses page, showing options available fro Student Hub

Dashboard - shows Timeline and Calendar

  • The dashboard is customisable, it can be edited by toggling the Edit mode button. at the top of the screen
  • By default it shows Timeline and Calendar, but you can add to it. Some teachers will recommend students add the Progress Completion block for an overview of what needs to be done in each unit. 
  • Timeline will show due dates for your assignments if they've been set by your teachers. 
  • For students who attended last year, the blocks will be in a different order; turning on edit mode will let you drag the blocks where you want them


2023 Dashboard page showing Timeline and Calendar, with expanded right hand side. Note Edite ode toggle at top of screen

Inside a Unit shell

2022 Shells showing expanded Left hand side menu

2022 Shell showing sidebar

Changes for 2023

Left hand sidebar

  • My Stuff options have moved to the StudentHub menu at the top of the screen
  • Unit specific options - Grades, Participants have moved under the unit heading
  • Left hand sidebar now shows collapsible index of the unit resources and activities. It also shows whether the resource/activity has been marked as completed.

Right hand blocks

  • Some units have extra information on the right hand side; this area is now collapsible

2023 unit shell  showing options under the header, collapsible left hand sidebar and StudentHub top menu

This shows the left-hand side index of unit material, and the change to the way the resources are displayed. The index shows where you are in the shell, and you can use it to move around the shell quickly.

There is now a more obvious indication of completion status for each item, which is also reflected in the left hand side index.

Shell display showing expanded left hand side index, highlighting where you are in the shell, as well as completion indicator

Assistance with StudentWeb

  • Your teacher will be able to answer any questions about how units use StudentWeb
  • The Student Hub has a section on Using StudentWeb, with an introductory video and specific instructions for some situations.

Last modified: Monday, 16 January 2023, 3:13 PM