Display guidelines


Teaching staff are encouraged to use the Library’s display cabinets to mount students' scholarly and creative work. Displaying student work is of interest to staff and students and adds to their knowledge of the diversity and breadth of BHI programs.

  • All Institute staff and Institute-affiliated groups may contact the Library with a suggestion for a display or request display space.
  • Use of library materials as part of the display is encouraged.
  • Exhibitors are responsible for the mounting and removal of exhibits. Where time permits, Library staff may also assist.
  • Exhibits must include a sign or label indicating the name of the Centre/Area or individual responsible for the exhibit.
  • The Library reserves the right to refuse or to remove any display that does not comply with the guidelines stated.



  • Exhibitors must provide a brief description of the display along with the contact information of the appropriate person to forward inquiries, suggestions or concerns regarding the display to.
  • Displays may be highlighted on the Library news page of StudentWeb
  • Photos may be taken and maintained by the Library for use on the website and for historical records.



  • Library display cabinets are generally locked, and within the Library, providing an added level of security. 


Display Areas

Case Measurements:

  • Elgar Campus Library: 175 cm high x 115cm wide x 53cm deep. One glass shelf 84 cm from the base.



  • Displays vary in length, but generally a display's duration will be two months.


Installation Guidelines

  • Groups or individuals initiating the display must supply labour and/or equipment needed to prepare, mount, provide signage and install the display.
  • On removal of the display, the display space must be left in the same condition as it was prior to installation of the display. Materials and mounting hardware are to be removed as scheduled, without damaging the display space/unit.
  • All displays must include the name, address, and telephone number of the group of individual responsible for the display.


Note: The preparation of a quality exhibit or display requires effort and time. This should be taken into account when booking display space.


Display cases not operated wholly by Box Hill Institute Library may also be used. Please discuss this option with the Library Manager.

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